Interview with the Headmistress

9 a.m - 10 a.m : Monday to Friday
At other times : Only by appointment

Every pupil should possess a school diary which must be brought to school daily.

Every child should come to school in proper school uniform. All school uniforms should be stitched in school.

Every pupil is expected to be present for the morning Assembly. The pupil must be in school when the Bell rings at 8.25 a.m.

A pupil coming late may not enter the classroom unless she brings to the Class Teacher a note signed by the Headmistress. If a pupil is repeatedly late she will not be allowed to attend class.

Students are forbidden to :

Wear jewellery
Have long nails
Use nail polish or mehendi on their hands.
Colour their hair.

The Principal and Staff request the full co-operation of parents in seeing that the children keep the school regulations which have been made with a view to train the pupils in discipline and develop their all round personality.

The School Assembly is held at 8.25 a.m everyday.

School Hours :

  • 8.25 a.m to 12.30 p.m
  • 01.10 p.m to 3.00 p.m
  • 3.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m Study Time for classes VI to XII

The School works Monday to Friday.

This school does not permit students to carry 'cell phones' to school. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their children do not take a cell phone to school. Possession and use of a cell phone by the pupils within the school campus will result in the pupil being dismissed from school.

Every pupil must compulsorily be present on the first day of every term. Absentees will have to pay a fine of Rs.50/- for absence on the reopening day and Rs.10/- for absence on every subsequent day. The fine must be paid on the first day that they attend school.

A pupil's absence from school must be supported by a leave letter signed by the parent or guardian. This must be submitted on the day she returns to school. If a pupil has to be absent from school for more than three days, the school authorities should be informed of the reason for her absence.

In all cases which can be foreseen , leave of absence must be obtained beforehand from the Headmistress. When absence is due to illness or other unforeseen causes, application for leave shall be made as early as possible to the Headmistress through the class teacher. This has to be supported by a Medical Certificate. Application for leave must be signed by the parent or guardian of the pupil.

A pupil absenting herself from school for ten consecutive days ( i.e. including working days and holidays) without notice, will be marked "Left School". She will not be re-admitted as a matter of course.

Examinations are to be taken seriously. No pupil may absent herself from any examination without prior permission from the Headmistress. No pupil will be allowed to appear for the Promotion Examination if her 'attendance' for the year is inadequate.

Pupils who are absent from a Terminal Examination or other periodical Assessment exercises for any reason other than sickness justified by a Registered Doctor's Certificate will be considered as failed.

Pupils may not take leave to study for an examination unless such leave is sanctioned by the school.

A pupil coming late may not enter the class unless she brings to the Class Teacher a note signed by the Headmistress. If a pupil is repeatedly late, she will not be allowed to attend class. She may even be fined.

Pupils are forbidden to write or scribble on walls and furniture, throw paper or ink about the class room or damage school property by rocking the chairs or by jumping and walking on them. In the event of any damage done, the pupil found guilty will be required to pay for the damage. Pupils are themselves responsible for their own books, pencils, tiffin-carriers or any other article they may bring to school. Pupils are expected to carry their own lunch to school.

During recess, no pupil is to remain in any of the classrooms. No books, newspapers or periodicals may be brought to school without the consent of the school authorities.


  • Not to see their children or meet the teachers during class hours without the permission of the Headmistress.
  • To leave their wards at the school gate and not accompany them into the school.
  • To intimate to the school office if there is a change of address.
  • Not to send their child to school, if she is suffering from any contagious disease.
  • To ask in writing to the Headmistress information regarding their child's progress or conduct in school.


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